Everyone Needs A Bossy Friend

I have this friend.  She is funny (hilarious, actually), smart, creative, beautiful, and so bossy.  She was one of my bridesmaids and was an important part of my pregnancy.

I’ve known some hyper organized mommies who have everything ready for baby at 20 weeks.  This was not me.  I assumed my twins would go to at least 38 weeks.  I’m not a small person so I thought they had room to grow.  I was wrong, but thanks to my bossy friend (we’ll call her BF from here on) I was more ready than I would have been.

BF, along with several other people, planned my shower from a different state.  She coordinated and delegated tasks to people in multiple states and the shower was better than what I envisioned.  Hopefully I can repay her some day.  I’m not as bossy as her so I think I might have to hire her to plan her own shower….  I wonder what her hourly rate is?

BF also encouraged me to keep a journal and this blog was her idea.  Throughout my pregnancy, I would text her little tidbits and she would say, “I hope you’re writing this stuff down!”  I’m glad I took her advice.  The one thing I think I’ve heard the most from other moms is that they wish they’d kept a journal.

BF also got me some of the less glamorous, but very important, gifts.  She gave me infant inserts for my Ergobaby carriers (notably, she also insisted that I get high-quality carriers).  She gave me diapers and wipes.  She gave me breast pads (for leakage).  She gave me preemie clothes, just in case, and we hoped we wouldn’t need them.  She handmade swaddling blankets before I was 20 weeks.  I joked with her that if she gave me any more gifts, I would have to give her one of the twins.

And the whole time, she kept me laughing.  She was here for 2 days when we had my shower and she seriously made me laugh until Braxton Hicks kicked in.  There are a lot of people who did a lot for me, but no one did it quite as bossily (huh…  Turns out bossily is a word…) as BF.

Thanks, BF, I love you!


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