Give Me Some Sugar

Bagels, Cocoa Puffs, candy, lemonade, Pop-Tarts, and saltines made up the majority of diet during my first and second trimesters.  Not surprisingly, my doctor predicted that I might have gestational diabetes at my 28-week appointment.  She said the babies’ bellies measured large on the ultrasound, which apparently can be an indication of gestational diabetes in the mother.  Sounds like an indication of super cute babies with round bellies to me, but whatever.

Well, I passed the glucose test and did not actually have diabetes.  What can I say?  I’m good at sugar.

I was of the philosophy that I could eat whatever I craved while pregnant (but I did take prenatal vitamins and I made sure to sprinkle in some spinach and broccoli in between bowls of sugary cereal).  I admire women who can work out and eat well throughout pregnancy.  I also admire women who manage to feed themselves and their baby (or babies) in any way they can.  I think I just admire women….

In my opinion, weight gain during pregnancy is highly individual and I think it’s total BS that any medical guidelines exist for how much you “should” gain.  The consensus seems to be 25-30 pounds.  I have never known anyone who only gained 25 pounds during pregnancy.  Most people I know gain an average of 50 pounds.  I had a pregnancy that was 6 weeks shorter than average and I gained 65.  At one appointment, I had gained 5 pounds in one week.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  My doctor said it was probably water weight.  Good answer, Doc, because you wouldn’t have been my doctor anymore if you had tried to tell me that I was gaining too much weight.

Although I didn’t develop diabetes, I do wish I’d eaten healthier during my pregnancy.  Scratch that, I wish I had been able to eat healthier.  There are some stages of pregnancy you just have to survive.  I was working full-time during pregnancy and sometimes Starbust were the only thing that got me through the day.

One thing I will say is that I underestimated how difficult it would be to carry around an extra 65 pounds everywhere I went.  What is that, like a third grader?  I know it’s a squat bar with a 10-pound plate on each side.  Needless to say, carrying that load around all the time did not help my fatigue.  Did I mention we lived on the 3rd floor of our apartment building and there was no elevator?

Basically, I don’t really know how I feel about weight gain during pregnancy.  I know there is a lot you cannot control, but I know it was difficult to carry around the equivalent of an elementary school child everywhere.  I know that I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted, but I know I have about 25 pounds to lose postpartum.  I know there is guidance on weight gain, but I know that it wasn’t realistic for me.  After going through it, I know that I really don’t know very much at all.


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