I’ve Always Wanted Twins!

A common response I received when telling people I was pregnant with twins was, “I’ve always wanted twins!”  I was surprised at how often I heard this.  I had to stop myself from telling these people they must be crazy, that humans are meant to carry one child at a time.  Clearly, I didn’t belong to the “I’ve always wanted twins” camp.  The thought that we’d have more than one baby at a time never seriously crossed my mind.  I think that must be the secret – don’t think about it and it will happen to you.

We found out we were having twins at our first ultrasound at 7.5 weeks.  When the tech told us there were two, I started crying instantly and my husband starting laughing hysterically.  The tech was probably very confused…

I. Was. Terrified.  How would my body handle this?  Am I high risk?  What does “high risk” even mean?  What is delivery like with twins?  Can we handle this?

It’s actually not that rare to have twins.  The odds are about 1 in 32 pregnancies.  When it happens to you, though, it feels pretty dang rare.  Twins don’t run in our families and I can only think of two friends who have had twins so we were kind of alone in this.

I think my husband described it well when he said that twins are “pretty special.”  The twins are a month old and it still hasn’t totally sunk in yet.  Those little cuties are bothmine?  I have loved every moment so maybe that means I have always wanted twins, deep down inside.  I am so thankful – we really are lucky.



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