Mentor Moms

One of the best surprises I’ve experienced since having babies has been making new mom friends, whom I lovingly refer to (in my head) as my “Mentor Moms.”  Mentor Moms are fellow women who you can laugh with, talk about your kids, exchange mom fail stories, trade baby items and advice, and talk about your kids some more. The best Mentor Moms are supportive, fun, and non-judgmental.  Mentor Moms are amazing and everyone should have at least one!

It’s extra helpful to have Mentor Moms who have children older than your own.  I was lucky to meet several moms with twins who are a couple months older than mine.  Just the other day I texted one of my favorite Mentor Moms to ask for some bottle feeding advice.  Some of my Mentor Moms live in different states, but have been some of my biggest supporters.  We trade stories, pictures, and advice via Facebook and text.  I love to watch their babies grow up on Facebook and I hope I don’t overload their newsfeeds too much (sorry I’m not sorry for all the pictures).

Another surprise was reconnecting with old friends over pregnancy and babies.  People I’d fallen out of touch with reached out to me and were a great source of encouragement during our time in the NICU and beyond.

And, of course, my own mom and my mother-in-law are the Queen Mentor Moms.  It really helps me chill out when my mom is like, “when you were a baby, they said it was dangerous NOT to give you peanut butter.  You lived.”  It’s hard to argue with that.

One of my cousins said motherhood feels like being in a club.  I definitely agree with her and feel honored to be a member.  I hope I can be a good Mentor Mom to all the mothers in my life, my pregnant friends, my friends who ache to become mothers, and my friends who do not wish to have kids.  You guys are all in my club.


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