Minivan Discrimination

We bought a minivan.  We didn’t opt for an SUV or a go with a stylish crossover (some of which look like bastardized minivans anyway…just sayin’).  We got a full on twin-mobile.  I’m talking double automatic sliding doors, bucket seats, DVD player, back up camera, with tons of cargo space twin-mobile.  Aw yeah.

I don’t know who decided minivans are out-of-style, but I’d like to thank that person for saving us a ton of money.  Supply and demand can be a beautiful thing when not many people are demanding minivans anymore.  An SUV would have been twice as expensive and – get this – we would have to open the doors with our HANDS!

As an added bonus, it’s rather enjoyable to horrify your friends by telling them you purchased a minivan.  We are still in our 20’s and most of our friends that have kids have made it work without taking the mini van plunge – a plunge we took happily.  Those automatic sliding doors are going to make our lives SO much easier.  Why anyone would want to open a door with their hand when they could press a button instead is beyond me.  The fact that I will always have both hands completely full and will never have a spare finger to press that button is beside the point.

And that DVD player!  While some kids might have to read or draw or interact with each other while in the car, ours will be zoned out to Raffi and Finding Nemo.  We can also throw in the occasional Baby Einstein movie for good measure.  The DVD player has wireless headphones, too, so we don’t have to be annoyed by “Baby Beluga”!  It’s perfect.  In all honesty, we bought a DVD player that came with a free minivan.

Another bonus: our car insurance is more affordable now!  Geico must figure that if you drive a minivan, you’re a total square and would never go over the speed limit or run a stop sign.  Well played, Geico, well played.

We are excited (kind of) to take our first road trip in the van with the kids.  The leg room is to die for and we figure we’ve got at least 4 or 5 years before the kids can hit each other from their bucket seats resulting in the, “don’t make me pull this car over!” threat.  Ah, memories.

We’re not 30 yet and we’re rocking the minivan.  We make this look good.


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