One House and a Couple of Helmets

Last week was a busy week for us.  We closed on our first house!  We also took the girls to the orthotist and found out they’ll both need special helmets to help correct their head shapes.

On Monday, we closed on a fixer-upper.  HGTV has brainwashed me into thinking this was a good idea.  One of my nieces asked me if the Property Brothers (who are also twins!) were going to come do the work for us.  I wish, my dear niece, oh I wish….

We are hoping to do a lot of the work before we move in, but we are also anxious to get into the house.  I’m noticing that we enjoy stressful things, like changing jobs, moving multiple times in one year, having multiple newborns, and renovating a house.  Good times.

A couple days after buying our house, we went to a follow-up appointment to see if the girls would require a helmet to correct their plagiocephaly (misshapen head).  It’s not really as scary as it sounds (and it’s different than the Zika Virus thing, in case you were wondering).  The way the twins were positioned in utero resulted in flat spots on their heads.  We attempted to correct it with positioning, but they have shown little-to-no improvement over the past couple months.  They will probably have to wear their little helmets 23 hours a day for a couple of months.

I’m also preparing myself to field lots of disguised “what’s wrong with your babies?” questions, the same way we handle the veiled “did you have IVF?” question.  I understand people are curious, so I don’t mind answering questions.  I would rather people ask than assume things.  And if they ask, they just might learn something, too.

So that’s the latest with our little twins.  They’ll be moving for the second time in their short lives and they got some new hats.  They’re also cuter than ever and growing up fast!


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