The Twins’ First Camping Trip

We took our 8-month olds camping last weekend.  I was nervous we’d forget something important and be miserable the whole time, but overall I think we did pretty well.  The twins had so much fun they didn’t even sleep!

We camped on the Chama River in a “primitive” campsite, which means we didn’t have electricity or running water.  In full disclosure, we cheated a little because my dad came and our good friends also met us there.  They were all willing to lend extra hands, which is probably the best thing to have with twins.  We also loaded our car to the brim with stuff so we weren’t roughing it that hard.

I learned a couple camping lessons that I thought I’d share…

Don’t forget the toys.  I brought several different toys and I was glad I did.  Babies get bored, even in the wilderness.

Bring a hammock!  My husband brought a couple of hammocks and the babies loved them.  Hammocks don’t take up much room in the car and it was a good spot to cuddle with the girls.

Try to recreate the baby’s sleeping environment.  This was a big mistake we made.  I figured if they were tired enough, they’d sleep however/wherever.  We just brought their crib mattresses and put them in between us in the tent.  I did bring their noise machine night-light but I wish I’d made their sleeping spots more like home.  I would watch them wake up, look around, get disoriented, and then cry.

Bring lots of everything.  There are obvious necessities like diapers and baby food, but I was glad I had extra baby blankets and clothes, too.  If you think you might want something while you’re camping, bring it (if you have room in your car).

Bring several baby chairs/seats/cribs/pens/jails.  We brought an outdoor playpen thing, but I wish we’d brought their Bumbos, too.  It would have been nice to have more options to set down the babies.  Besides their car seats and the playpen, we had to hold them.

This was the first of many outdoor adventures for the Gauss twins and I think it was a success.  It’s not really that much harder to camp with babies if you bring the right stuff (it just takes longer to pack).


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