The Twins’ First Cold

At the end of December, the twins got their first cold.  I was new-mom-worried and I immediately new-mom-overreacted.  They didn’t have a fever, but I insisted we take them into the doctor, just in case.

After examining them, the pediatrician assured us it was probably just a cold, but that we needed to watch for fevers, coughs, and ear infections.  Since they were born prematurely, they are also at higher risk for RSV and pneumonia.  The NICU doctors did a good job of instilling paranoia in me when we were released back in October so my anxiety was still high even after taking them to the doctor.

When we got home, we cranked up the humidifiers (which are magic, by the way), used saline nose spray (the kind for babies), and we occasionally took them into a steamy bathroom with this nifty vapor bath stuff.  Obviously, I constantly felt their foreheads, overanalyzed rosy cheeks, checked their temperatures every diaper change, and listened intensely to every cough, sputter, sneeze, or whimper.

Luckily, they haven’t developed any worrisome symptoms and (fingers crossed) I think we are out of the woods on this one.  The only symptom they really ever had was super stuffy noses.  For all we know, it could have just been allergies.

Everyone assures me that it’s “good” for them to get sick and I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t keep them in a bubble forever.  My always-grounded husband has informed me that we cannot take them to the doctor every time they have a runny nose (me: are you sure?  I don’t think Dr. Nichols would mind….).  I’m already crazy about hand washing/hand sanitizing/interrogating visitors about their health status.  I also refuse to take them to crowded public places like grocery stores or churches at least until flu season is over.

So we’ve made it through the first cold of many.  It was kind of stressful but I’m glad to know they have some sort of immune system working in their tiny little bodies.  They’re going to be okay.


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