Things Twin Moms Worry About

My girls have pretty blue eyes, which must be why each twin is so attracted to the other’s irises.  It goes like this: first the babies crawl and/or roll to each other; then, the eye gouging party begins!  It’s like they’ve found their favorite blue marble and they have to have it.  One of them quickly begins to cry (either the blinder because the blindee has closed her eyes; or the blindee because she’s being freaking blinded) so I separate them.  Then, we repeat!

File this under Things Twin Moms Worry About.  It goes before “What if they don’t make any friends besides each other?” but after “How am I going to get them both in the car when they are too big to carry but not big enough to walk?”  I am actually, seriously worried about my twins blinding each other. I can’t figure out how to keep them from poking their eyes out so I was thinking about making them wear safety goggles.  That’s not crazy, right?  I keep reminding myself that I’ve yet to meet twins who have blinded each other so I should probably chill out.  I guess, for now, I’ll just keep their fingernails short….


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