Worst Baby Advice

I’ve received tons of baby advice and am still in the process of weeding through it all in real time.  In my opinion (and you know what they say…opinions are like a$$holes – everyone has one and they all stink) here is the advice that doesn’t work for us:

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” is actually great advice, if it were practical.  Call me crazy, but I generally like to be awake during the day.  I’ve never been a great napper, so I find it difficult to take a nap an hour after we get out of bed (the twins don’t usually see a problem with this.  Maybe because they are busy playing all night?).  However, if you’re a vampire, then by all means, sleep when the baby sleeps.

“Breast is best” is just ignorant (and frankly, makes me kind of mad).  When people run around yelling this cute little rhyme, they are automatically alienating women who cannot exclusively breastfeed (newsflash: these women probably already feel bad that they aren’t breastfeeding, so they don’t need you to tell them again).  For example, I do not produce enough milk for both twins, so I think “making sure my twins get enough food is best” is better advice.  There are tons of reasons a woman may not exclusively breastfeed and it doesn’t mean she isn’t doing what’s best.

“Breastfeeding helps you lose weight” (automatically) is FALSE.  I have seen so much written about how weight management is one of the reasons you should breastfeed and all of it makes weight loss sound like an automatic side effect.  It is true that your body uses energy (calories) to make milk, but it’s also true that you are hungrier because of this.  For me, it’s similar to how you may be hungrier after working out.  In addition, it doesn’t feel healthy to me to restrict calories while I’m trying to make lots of food for two babies.  Nearly 8 weeks postpartum, breastfeeding has not made the pounds magically fall away for me.  Bummer.

“Don’t buy baby clothes” is both good and bad advice.  People love to give baby clothes as gifts, and don’t get me wrong – it’s great.  The generosity of our friends and family means our twins are well dressed until they’re 12 months old.  However, there are some items of which you can never have too many (Proper grammar is dumb.  I mean, “of which you can never have too many”? ).  For example, zip-up footie pajamas with the little hand covers are our favorite, so I have purchased several of them.

So far, this is the common advice that makes me roll my eyes. To be fair, we’ve also gotten lots of good advice, but that’s another blog post.


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