The Twins’ First Road Trip

One of the best parts of being a stay-at-home mom is making my own schedule. I decided that I should do more cool stuff like take a road trip with the twins in the middle of the week. And so we did!

Last week, the girls and I drove 350 miles to Hobbs, NM to visit my dad and stepmom. Before the trip, I’d never driven more than 100 miles with the twins by myself. I was a little nervous because New Mexico has long stretches of rural desert with crappy cell service.

In the end, the twins did great in the car and I think I have some good tips about solo road trips with [up to] two babies….

  1. Build up their tolerance before a long trip. The first time I made the 100-mile trip to Albuquerque with the twins (and without another adult to help), I was pretty nervous. We’ve done it about a dozen times since then and I barely even worry about a small trip like that anymore.
  2. Start driving during nap time. We left during the twins’ normal morning nap time. This is basically a no-brainer.
  3. Plan your stops. I am a planner by nature, so it just made sense to me to have pre-planned stops. Obviously I had to plan the stops to coincide with their feeding times, which was a little tricky considering there are, like, 2 towns between my house and Hobbs. Oh and if you’re driving with twins, I’d highly recommend Sam’s Club as a pit stop. Cheap gas, big aisles for big strollers, changing tables in the bathrooms (usually), and pizza that is basically free. Also, samples.
  4. Toys, toys, toys! I brought several toys and rotated them when we stopped. I am also a big fan of hooking their toys to their car seats with little rings or those pacifier clip things. If I don’t attach their toys to them, they just throw them on the ground (and I don’t play that game).
  5. Pack the stroller last! Make sure you can get to your stroller when you stop.
  6. Have a diaper changing station in the car. One of my biggest frustrations is getting the girls out of the car and into a restaurant or store and to find they don’t have a changing table in the bathroom (It’s a total first-world problem, I know). I am actually surprised when an establishment does have a changing table. For this reason, I always have a changing station in my minivan (reason #101 that minivans are amazing).
  7. Bring snacks (for yourself). I generally have snacks on my person, but it’s extra handy when you have kids in the car and cannot just quickly pop into a gas station. I’m pretty neurotic about, well, lots of stuff, but I’m especially crazy about not leaving my kids in the car. My co-pilot was a bag of food and she was a great road trip companion.

When it was all said-and-done, I felt like the twins and I had gone to a team-building event or something. We had a great visit with family and friends and I had a sense of accomplishment.

Solo road trip with baby twins… Check.


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