“You’ve Got Your Hands Full!”

One year ago today, our girls were discharged from the NICU and came home with us. It was a super exciting and surreal day; I can still barely believe I have twins. There is a lot to love about having two babies and for me personally, it’s still fun (and sometimes amusing) to see people’s reactions to stumbling across twins.

By far, probably a factor of 10, the most common comment I hear is, “You’ve got your hands full!” Almost every person I pass in the grocery store says this. The next most common is “Double trouble!” Just yesterday someone yelled this to me from like 50 feet away. And a close third is some variation of, “My neighbor’s daughter is best friends with twin girls…no wait, I guess it was my neighbor’s daughter had twin girl nieces…that’s what it was….” I almost never know how to reply.

I can always tell when someone has a close relationship to kids when they go out of their way to open a door for me. After a year, I still am not that great at navigating my gigantic stroller through doors. I mean, most people hold the door for the person behind them, but when someone drops their magazine and crosses the doctor’s office to open the door for me, I know they must have been there before. I thank these people profusely and then vow in my head to always do this for other people for the rest of my life.

However, I know that in a couple of years when I see four matching feet hanging in a stroller, I am going to speed walk over and say, “I’ve got twins!” I don’t even know why I’ll do it, but I know I won’t be able to resist. I also know that when my girls are older and start to diverge in size and personality, I’m going to miss the excited look on strangers’ faces when they realize they’re looking at real life twins. I hope when I inevitably approach a stranger with a double stroller, she will humor me as I stare at her kids and reminisce about my girls, and then hopefully she’ll forgive me because I will absolutely hold the door for her.  After all, she does have her hands full!


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