A Blog About Blogging

Recently, an acquaintance told me that he’d read a few of my blogs and he thought it was “just alright.” I was taken aback at first, but also thought it was pretty funny. Then it made me think about why exactly I write a blog. Annnnnnd then I wrote a blog about it….

I think the main reason I share what I write is because I personally found blogs to be helpful during my pregnancy and during the first year raising twins. The firsthand experiences I find in blogs are reassuring, inspiring, informative, and sometimes funny. It’s so incredibly cliché, but I hope to be one of those blogs for someone else.

Another major reason I write is to make sure I don’t forget the difference between your/you’re or there/their/they’re or two/to/too, etc. A big part of my job for the past three years was corresponding with state and federal tax agencies. Since I no longer write official letters every day, I feel the need to practice writing. I’ve loved to write ever since I was a little girl and I’ve found this blog to be a good place for me to “stay sharp” and junk. 😉

This blog is like a journal of sorts, and lots of people told me they wish they’d kept a journal when their kids were little. I guess journals aren’t usually shared with the world and, believe it or not, not everything I write makes it to the Internet. My experiences as a twin mom are both unique and common to most parents, which makes me feel like I can share them without [too much] judgment. It’s never my goal to be “just alright” at anything I do. So if you’re reading this I hope you like it, or find it to be useful in some way, and know that if you give me negative feedback to my face, I’ll write about you faster than Taylor Swift sings about her ex-boyfriends. Boom.


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