The Santa Lie

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I have loved it for as long as I can remember.  I’m excited to see my kids’ excitement when they’re old enough to understand.

I just have one major problem: Santa.

I can’t understand the Santa lie.  I hadn’t given much thought to it until last year, which was the twins’ first Christmas.  We got them a couple of things and as I was writing their names on the packages, it suddenly hit me.  Is this gift from ‘Mom and Dad’ or ‘Santa’?  Right at that moment (and again this year) I started plotting how we could not do Santa in the future.  Sorry kids, those presents are from Mom and Dad; we shopped for them; we paid for them or made them for you; we wrapped them.  I want our kids to understand how those gifts really got there and, yes, I want them to say thank you to us – not an imaginary guy.

The one benefit I can see to perpetuating the Santa lie is that you can threaten your kids to behave at all times or poof! no presents at Christmas.  It still doesn’t quite get me there, though, because I feel like I could threaten them myself….  I’m probably naive to think that my kids will ever listen to me, but I’m a first-time parent, so I’m totally clueless.

Pretty much the only thing holding me back from going full-out truthful parent is that I don’t want my kids to ruin Santa for other kids.  I guess I have a couple years to figure that one out, but if anyone reading this has any ideas for me, or any reasons why Santa is a good idea, please send me a message!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!


One thought on “The Santa Lie

  1. I did the whole Santa thing for my kids and it really is fun! The excitement in their eyes, the cute pictures with Santa Claus, the anticipation on Christmas Eve when the kids are going to bed and waiting for Santa Claus to come. It’s just fun! However, I made the grave mistake when the boys were little of having Santa bring the biggest gift that was on their wishlist. If I had to do it all over again I would have Santa bring one small gift. Just like you said, I should have had them thanking me for their gifts. Instead, they just expected it because santa brought it.

    Here’s another good reason to go along with the Santa thing. You don’t want your kids to be the jerk that blows it for all the other kids that believe!


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