Fave Travel Tricks

I joined the Mile High Club. Not the sex one – the one where you fly with a little kid on your lap!

My mom and I took the girls to Michigan so they could meet their Great-Grandma Miller. They also got to meet most of my mom’s family, which was so fun. [Huge shout out to my mom for making the trip with us. She chased the twins around busy airports, held sleeping babies, changed diapers, and helped entertain the girls for some pretty long flights. She was (and is) amazing.]

Kids less than two years old don’t have to have their own seats on the plane. It seems like a good deal, but I had anxiety for months about not getting them separate seats. At 20 months old, they don’t generally sit still, and they’re already dabbling in some terrible two behaviors, so it just didn’t seem practical to keep them on our laps for hours at a time. I was pretty much banking on our flights not being completely full so that we could have a whole row to ourselves. With a little luck, flying actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, thanks, in large part, to the smart advice that many of you gave me before we left!

Here were my favorite travel tricks:

  1.  Pretty much everyone recommended I pack snacks, snacks, and more snacks. We had so many snacks. Oh and Dum-dums! Not only did they help the kids pop their ears, but they also entertained them. Two little lollies kept M busy for a whole hour on one flight.
  2. Bring a zillion baby wipes. My girls would stick their dum-dums on the tray table, on the window, on my arm, basically everywhere…. I just let them do it because they were being quiet. I would wipe down our whole area (and my arms) every couple of minutes with baby wipes, so I was glad we had so many with us.
  3. Sit in the last row of the plane. We were on Southwest, and they have Family Boarding after the A group. We would go straight to the very last row and occupy the whole thing. With a twin on either side of the worst seat on the plane (the non-reclining, engine-roaring, bathroom-adjacent, middle seat) we could pretty much count on no one sitting in between us.  And, actually, if someone were crazy enough to sit in that seat, either my mom or I would have had to move because the only one lap child is allowed in a row (because there are only 4 Oxygen masks per row).
  4. Buy a round of drinks for people sitting close to you (this was a great suggestion, Nikki!). Most people didn’t accept the offer, but they seemed to appreciate it.
  5. Take plastic Easter eggs on the plane (This was my favorite idea, Laurel! Thanks!). The girls played with them, used them as snack containers, and opened them to find a surprise (the surprise was always a Goldfish). They’re lightweight and super cheap, so it wasn’t big deal when we lost one.

On the last leg of our trip, which was also the longest, we had several outstanding flight attendants who were great with the twins. I was so thankful for them!

Before the trip, my biggest worry about flying with 2 under 2 was disrupting other travellers’ flights (and getting scolded for it), but most people were very understanding (and probably just glad it wasn’t them in my shoes). It wasn’t exactly relaxing to travel with toddler twins, but it was definitely worth it. Thanks, everyone, for the awesome travel tips!


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