Don’t Call Us “The Twins”

I recently read a book called Don’t Call Us the Twins: The World’s Most Misunderstood Minority. It was written by identical twins who are now in their 60’s. While I did not think it was the most well written book, it gave me a lot to think about.

There was a chapter devoted to the term “the twins.” The authors referred to the label as “one of the biggest battles identical twins face in life.” They went on to say they would not recommend referring to identical twins as “the twins,” because it takes away each person’s identity and people who use the label are just lazy. They also think it’s a mistake to dress identical twins alike because it further strips them of their individual identities.

I currently subject my twins (See? It’s a habit of mine already) to both of these cruelties…. As I write this, they are wearing matching neon tank tops and blue shorts. They even have the same ponytail.

At first, I thought the authors’ view was pretty extreme. Is it really that serious if I choose to call my children “the twins” and dress them alike? As I thought more about it, I started to think that maybe the authors were right. While I think it’s pretty special to be a twin, I’ve never been one myself so it’s hard for me to intuit what may be difficult about it.

I am wondering what other people think about this. Specifically if you are a twin yourself, did you hate being dressed the same as your twin and being known as “the twins”? If you’ve raised twins, did they protest these things? If you were best friends with twins, did they confide in you about this stuff growing up? If you’re a psychologist, do you think I will damage my kids if I emphasize their twinness? If you just have an idea about this at all, please help! Comment below or send me a Facebook message or a text or anything. Thank you in advance!


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